Commercial developments

Find out about commercial development approvals in the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, and how to submit your plans.

Commercial development approvals

Commercial developments in the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder are required to go through a 2-stage process for approvals:

The purpose of the pre-application notice is to provide information on how the development complies with relevant legislation.

It allows the City’s Development Control Unit (made up of building, planning, waste, health and engineering representatives) to determine if the quality of information enables the City to conduct a fair assessment of the development.

The Development Control Unit meets every Tuesday and Thursday to consider all new submissions.

If the information provided is insufficient, the entire application will be returned with a covering letter outlining the required information.  Any subsequent resubmission will then result in a repeat of the abovementioned process until the DCU is satisfied with the information provided.

If the information provided is satisfactory, the City will formally lodge the application for a full assessment. At this stage, further information may be requested, but will not affect the application being lodged.

Please download and lodge an Application for commercial development (PDF) form to begin the pre-application process.

Please also download the Anzac Drive design guidelines (PDF), which applies to all developments within the Anzac Drive Industrial Estate.

Submission of plans

Prior to any works on commercial developments, the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder must approve the proposed floor plans.

Plans do not have to be drawn up by an architect or draftsman, but they must:

  • Be clear and legible
  • Be drawn in a pen or marker
  • Be drawn using a ruler
  • Include all information regarding the internal fittings and fixtures, and surface finishes.

It is also important that you discuss your proposal with Planning and Building Services to find out whether you need to apply for planning or building approvals, before submitting plans to the Environmental Health.

Please download and submit an Application to submit plans (PDF), along with 2 copies of the premises floor plan.

Signage policy

The Signage policy (PDF) provides guidelines for the placement of business signs, including signage in heritage places and precincts.