Alfresco and outdoor dining

Find out how to apply for an alfresco dining permit in the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder

What is alfresco dining?

Alfresco dining is a food premises palaces tables and chairs on an adjacent public footpaths for its customers to use. This potentially increases the number of customers for the food premises.

As the footpath and verge area is under the control of the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, a permit is required to install an alfresco area. Environmental Health will process and approve permit applications. In addition, building and planning approvals may also be required.

Applicants are encouraged to read our Alfresco dining in public places policy, which determines how we will assess your application.

Please download our information sheet on Alfresco dining (PDF), which provides details to help with your permit application, including:

  •  Information to be submitted
  •  Processing of your application
  •  Other requirements.

Applying for a permit

To apply for a permit, you will need:

  • Application form
  • Cleaning contract document
  • Public risk insurance for $10 million dollars, with the City as an interested party
  • Site plan indicating where tables and chairs are to be placed—in relation to footpath, road, buildings, veranda posts, street furniture, and street parking bays—and the designated pedestrian area which is to be kept clear at all times
  • Floor plan of the food premises showing the kitchen, dining, and toilet facilities
  • Photographs, illustrations, or brochures showing the type of tables and chairs to be used.

As part of the assessment an on-site inspection of the premises will be carried out.

If the application is approved and payment of required fees, an alfresco dining permit will be issued. These permits need to be renewed each financial year.

Please download and complete an Application for alfresco or outdoor dining (PDF) form, which also includes information on conditions of the permit.

Renewal of permits

Please use the Application for renewal of permit: Alfresco/outdoor dining (PDF) form, to renew your permit.

You will also need to resubmit a copy of your public risk insurance policy.

Transferring of permits

When transferring your existing alfresco or outdoor dining permit to another person, a new public risk insurance policy of $10 million is required.

Please download and submit an Application for transfer of an alfresco/outdoor dining permit (PDF) form.