Compliance and Policies

Airside Driving

All organisations that will be operating vehicles airside will need to provide an annual compliance statement to the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport.

For further information please contact the airport directly

Airport Safety, Security and Airside Driving Induction  

All inductees/contractors (including sub-contractors) undertaking any works at or for the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport must familiarise themselves with the airport induction presentation and complete the airport induction questionnaire.
The completed questionnaire is to be submitted to the Airport Supervisor before commencement of work at the airport.
Airport Induction Presentation
Airport Induction Questionnaire

Identification Cards and Access Control

For access to airside within the airport please contact the Airport Supervisor who will make the necessary arrangements.
In order to access or work airside of the airport, you are required to obtain and correctly display a valid identification card.  Applications are as below:
Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC)
Visitors Identification Card (VIC)

Policies and Procedures

The Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport is committed to the safety of all employees, contractors and sub-contractors working on the airport.  To foster a safe and secure culture, policies and procedures are have been implemented at the airport.
The Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR) Part 99 requires all regular Safety Sensitive Aviation Activities (SSAA) (as defined), which include all work airside at the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport, to comply with the airport’s Drug and Alcohol Management Plan (DAMP) or with that of another organisation due to contractual arrangements.
A regular SSAA employee means a person who will perform a SSAA on at least 2 or more occasions every 90 days.

 Airport Policies include:

Safety Management System (SMS) Policy
Tandem Parachute Operations Policy
Drug and Alcohol Program (DAMP)


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