Annual Grant Program

Find out how to apply for the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder's Annual Grants Program, which provides funding for projects, events or activities that benefit the community.


OPENS:     13th February 2017
CLOSES:  28th April 2017

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About the program

The Annual Grant Program (AGP) allows community groups to receive funding for projects, events or activities that benefit the community. Grants are available in various dollar amounts or other forms of support.

This program covers:

  •  Funding for one-off projects
  •  3 Year Service Agreements
  •  Capital Works Projects

Funding as part of a 3 Year Service Agreement (3YSA) will be disbursed in July/August  and again in January/February each year. Organisations receiving a 3YSA grant are not eligible to submit further applications until the 3 years are completed or terminated by both parties.

Funding for one-off projects will be disbursed upon completion of the projects or when receipts and invoices are received.  Capital project must be based on a 1/3 contribution principal. 

For guidelines on the Annual Grant Program (AGP), as well as information on other grants under the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder's Community Assistance Scheme, please go to the About our grants page.

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Application process

Applications for the Annual Grant Program (AGP) open in February each year and close in April.  Applications are presented to the All Purpose Committee in May and final decisions are approved through Council budget processes. Applicants will be notified after Council have adopted the relevant financial year budget.
Community organisations can only submit 1 application per financial year.
The City requires that a formal acquittal of grant funds be undertaken, and an evaluation report be submitted at the end of each financial year for all grants under this program.

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Application forms

Submissions are currently open for the City’s Annual Grant Program for 2017/18.
If you belong to a community group planning to develop a community project, your group may be eligible for financial assistance through the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder’s Annual Grant Program.

Please download a copy of the Annual Grant Program application form here.

Acquittal forms

Please download the 3 Year Service Agreement Acquittal and Evaluation Guide (PDF), which contains guidance and forms for 3 Year Service Agreement applications, including:

  •  Applicant information
  •  Acquittal report
  •  Project evaluation.

Please download the Project Acquittal and Evaluation form (PDF), which contains guidance and forms for one-off project applications, including:

  •  Applicant information
  •  Acquittal report
  •  Project evaluation.

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Contact us

For enquires, or to submit an application, please email us or contact:

Team Leader, Community Development Unit
Tel: +61 8 9021 9600

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