Verge developments

Find out about verge developments in the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, including landscaping, paving, street furniture and parking bays, as well as who to contact.

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Before you begin

Before and work can begin, owners and developers need to consider the communications, power, water and other services that are located under the verge.

To find out the location of these services, contact Dial before you dig on 1100 or any of the following service providers directly:

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Verge landscaping

Landscaping works on verges, other than reticulation, must have a permit—due to safety, access, environmental and maintenance considerations. Reticulated lawns may be installed without a permit, but the control valves must be contained within the owner’s property.

The owner of the property must ensure that any shrubs planted on a verge do not:

  •  Exceed 0.75 m in height
  •  Pose a hazard to the public (be poisonous or irritating)
  •  Obstruct pedestrian access.

Please download the Residential verge landscaping (PDF) guide and application form. Application forms must be submitted together with detailed development plans.

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder provides 2 free street trees per household, for planting on the verge. Please go to the Street trees to find out more.
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Verge paving

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder provides financial support to improve the aesthetics and amenities of our verges, particularly those serving commercial areas.

Please download the following policies, which outline the eligibility criteria and processes for accessing the scheme:

Please contact Engineering Services  for more information.
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Street furniture

Only approved street furniture may be installed on verges. These includes:

  •  Park benches
  •  Fairy lights
  •  Bollards
  •  Landscape structures, such as pots and statues.

To be approved, the products must be:

  •  Manufactured explicit for use as street furniture.
  •  Installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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Construction of Verge Parking Bays

The construction of verge parking bays (on-street verge parking) is usually a condition applicable to developments where the development is unable to meet the parking requirements on-site. A separate application, including detailed design, is required to be submitted to and approved by Engineering Services via an “Application for Activities on Thoroughfares (Engineering)”.

Please note, planning approval for the verge parking is not sufficient approval on its own and a separate application to and approval from Engineering Services is required prior to the commencement of the works.

On-street verge parking is to be designed in accordance with the appropriate Australian Standards, such as AS2890.5-1993 – On-Street Parking, and further information on the City’s requirements on this subject may be found by downloading the below Information Sheet.

Construction of Lane Ways and Verge Parking - Information Sheet.

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Application for development on verges

Please download and submit an Application for activities on thoroughfares (PDF) which is used for many development and trading activities including verge treatment.

Development plan

A scale plan of the development must be attached to the application

The plan must provide details on all:

  • Proposed works
  • Plant species
  • Existing infrastructure, such as property lines, crossovers, paths and existing trees.

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Who to contact

Complaints regarding misuse of verges and thoroughfares are handled Ranger Services.

Complaints regarding damage to verges and thoroughfares should be reported to the Engineering Services.
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