Existing strategic projects

Find out about existing strategic projects in the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder.


Kalgoorlie City Centre Revitalisation Project

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder has begun the planning and design stage for the Kalgoorlie City Centre Revitalisation Project. The project was commissioned to improve the apperance and amenity of the CBD and to create a modern family friendly environment. To view the revitalisation concept plans and master plan documentation, please click on the following links:

The outcomes the City are seeking for the revitalisation project include:

  • Improve the amenity and apperance of the city centre and create a focal point for the community;
  • Provide opportunities for increased economic development and rebuild business confidence;
  • Redesign the city centre at a human scale and minimise vehicle dominance;
  • Ensure the project is sympathetic to the existing built form and preserve the heritage values of the Kalgoorlie City Centre;
  • Make spaces family orientated and inviting through innovative use of art;

City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Local Planning Strategy

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder has prepared its Local Planning Strategy to enable delivery of the community’s vision of shaping Kalgoorlie-Boulder to be a place where people choose to live, work, and play, now and in the future. Together, we as a City must strive to meet this vision, whilst ensuring not to impede future growth, nor compromise our unique natural environment and our renowned assets of mining and tourism. To achieve our community’s vision, this document sets out a number of strategic directions and achievable actions that will guide the City’s future decision making. The consultative approach taken in the creation of this Strategy will be carried forward in future planning to provide the community with both ownership and responsibility in shaping our future city. The recommendations of this strategy will ultimately be administered through the creation of a new Town Planning Scheme for the city.

To view the City's Local Planning Strategy, please follow this link Local Planning Strategy.


Structure Planning

(formerly referred to as Outline Development Plans)

Structure plans ensure that land development is performed in an orderly manner taking the strategic direction set by the City into consideration.

Where there are multiple land owners, the structure plan developed under the town planning scheme will guide the overall development. All land affected by an approved structure plan must be developed generally in accordance with the plan.

Please download the following plans that are in force at this time:

Public Open Space Strategy and Survey

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder has developed the City's first public open space strategy. The aim of the public open space strategy and survey is to establish a process for determining whether open space is utilisied by the community and if the open space provides social and recreational value.

The strategy also paths the way for the relinquishment of public open space either under utilised by the community or no longer has community value. By establishing the strategy framework, the City is better able to manage its existing open space and to prioritise development of new open space.

In summary, the strategy ensures that the public open space we currently have is of a high standard and is planned for in the context of its use, and that open space which is unused is disposed of so that more funds are available to enhance and upgrade the City's open space.

To view a copy of the strategy and survey, please follow this link Public Open Space Strategy and Survey.


Goldfields-Esperance Regional Planning and Infrastructure Framework

Encompassing nearly a third of Western Australia’s geographic area, the Goldfields–Esperance region is the State’s largest. Famously rich in mineral wealth, it contains a diversity of social, economic and natural environments.

Historically and presently, the growth of the region’s mining industry has heavily influenced infrastructure investment, population growth and the development of many of the region’s settlements. Unique natural landscapes, including deserts and scenic coastal areas, also underpin valuable tourism and agricultural sectors. The Goldfields–Esperance Regional Planning and Infrastructure Framework (the Framework) has been prepared for the region, which comprises nine local governments and is home to around 60,000 people.

To view a copy of this document, please follow the links below.

Goldfields-Esperance Regional Planning and Infrastructure Framework (Part A)
Goldfields-Esperance Regional Planning and Infrastructure Framework (Part B)