Dog registration

Find out when to register your dog with the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, how to do so, how many dogs you can have and what dog breeds are restricted.

Registering a dog

Every dog more than 3 months old must be registered with the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. The Dog Registration Form is available for download.

Registration fees are:

Registration Period Unsterilised Sterilised
1 Year $50 $20
3 Year $120 $42.50
Lifetime $250 $100

Owners who fail to do so may be prosecuted or fined a minimum $200.

As of 31 October 2013, the Dog Act 1976 has been amended to include new requirements for registration. It is now a requirement that all dogs must be microchipped before they are registered. Dogs with existing registrations will need to be microchipped by 31 October 2015.

Please download When and where to register a dog (PDF) for more information on dog registration.

How many dogs per property?

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder allows residents to keep 2 registered dogs per property. To keep more dogs, a resident will need to apply for a exemption to keep more than 2 dogs.

The How many dogs am I able to keep on my property (PDF) information sheet, provides guidelines on how to apply to keep more than 2 dogs.

Restricted dog breeds

At present the following dog breeds are restricted:

  •  Dogo Argentino
  •  Fila Brasileiro
  •  Japanese Tosa
  •  American Pit Bull Terrier
  •  Perro de Presa Carnario or Presa Canario
  •  Pit Bull Terrier breeds/mixes.

Owners of these breeds must ensure that the dog is:

  •  Muzzled and kept on a leash at all times when in public.
  •  Wearing an approved dangerous dog collar.
  •  Be confined in a restricted access area, with adequate warning signs displayed.